Do your part

It is up to us to help the conservation of our planet, and there are simple steps we can all take to really help and do our part:

Wait to do full loads of laundry instead of small ones. It helps reduce water consumption and saves energy.

Use reusable water bottles, reduce your plastic use.

Turn off and unplug lights and devices when they are not in use. Save energy!

Carry cloth bags everywhere you go. Skip the plastic bags, they end up in landfills polluting our environment.

Use rechargeable batteries. Save money in the lung run & reduce landfill waste at the same time.

Purchase refillable products. Many brands like Zao, give you the opportunity of eco-friendly packagings that help conserve our ecosystem and also save money. After you purchase the initial full packaging of the product, the refills have a lower cost.

Zao Organic Makeup is conscious beauty! Made with organically farmed ingredients of the best quality and performance, encased in a sustainable and refillable bamboo packaging. Good for your skin and the environment!

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