The secret to better accentuate your eyes!

Compliment the color of your eyes, by choosing eye makeup shades that better accentuates your eye color.

To accentuate green eyes, plums, mauves and purples are the best choice. Zao eyeshadow #118 is a deep jewel purple, perfect to create the most fabulous smokey effect while enhancing green eyes. For a softer look, shade #104 is a light mauve that would look beautiful for day or night. A plum eyeliner like pencil #606 is also a perfect match for green eyes.

To enhance Brown eyes, golden and neutral shades are the best match. A salmon color like Zao eyeshadow #119 or golden shades like #105 & #113 will really accentuate the amber & caramel eyes.

To better compliment blue eyes, warm tones like grays, beiges or chestnuts are the best choice. Zao eyeshadows #110, #208 or #202, will really exalt the blue eye color.

For deep brown and black eyes, the possibilities are endless, these shades are perfect for playful bright colors. Radiant blues like shades #120 or #116, fabulous metallics like silver #114, or a green eyeliner like #604 will really focus the attention on the windows of your soul.

Before applying your selected eyeshadows, don’t forget to start with eye primer, it is an essential element for a long lasting and smooth eye makeup application and wear. Zao eye primer will also enhance the vibrance of your makeup.

It is important to learn which are the complementing hues to your eyes because choosing the wrong colors can make you look dull or washed out. A common mistake is to select eye makeup that equally matches your eye color; to know what best flatters and compliments your eye color is the first step to making your eyes shine.