Two Step Cleansing!

A good cleansing routine prepares your skin for its natural regenerating process. With a meticulous cleanse you give your skin additional anti-aging benefits and the bases to a better skin health.

Zao Oil Makeup Remover is gentle yet powerful, with natural ingredients that remove makeup, dirt and pollutants while nourishing and balancing necessary natural oils.


When your skin is deprived from natural oils add over-dried with harsh cleansers, it  triggers the skin to producing more oil than needed. This over compensation of oil could provoke acne.

Following with Zao Cleansing Foam,  you complete the cleansing process, eliminating any micro-particles or debris left, keeping your pores from getting clogged . It hydrates, tones and restores your skin.

Well cleansed and nourished skin, will allow a better absorption and effectiveness of your moisturizer,  serums or favorite treatments.