Benefits of exfoliating your lips

Lip scrub can offer a great amount of benefits.

Good lip scrubs contain exfoliants and emollients, the emollient adds a hydrating foundation for the smooth application of the product and to add suppleness to your lips. The exfoliant delicately and effectively helps removing dead cells from the surface of your lips.

Zao lip scrub  is a effective exfoliator  that works gently on your lips . It includes several key ingredients of many benefits.

It contains tiny particles of organic rice power to gently remove impurities and  dead skin.

Bamboo rhizome extract will leave your lips really soft because it provides silica,  a key ingredient in collagen creation.

It also contains jojoba oil, rich in vitamin E and B-complex to help in skin repair and damage control.

Apricot extract that is rich in vitamins A nd E, promoting regeneration and delaying the effects of aging.

Castor oil,  is composed of a special fatty acid called ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid is antinflamatiry and antimicrobial and as an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, it enhances softness, promote the growth of healthy skin tissue and it is suitable for sensitive skins.

Carnauba wax is another important ingredient in  Zao lip scrub. Is emollient and hypoallergenic. It provides smooth application and a soft glossy finish. It also improves makeup hold.

Zao Lip scrub keeps your lips hydrated and healthy.  When your lips are dry, the protective or lipid layer that balances your lips moisture, becomes unstable and your lips start getting flaky.  Zao lip scrubs helps removing those uncomfortable flaky bits off your lips while it nourishes and moisturizes them.

The excess of dryness and dead skin causes premature aging, yes, that also applies to your lips!

Zao lip scrub is organic, 100% natural and it is also refillable.

Take care of your lips, keep them healthy and young with a periodical application of Zao lip scrub.