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Summer Skincare

During the Summer we wear less or lighter makeup, and spend more time outdoors. A Summer carefree attitude is good for the soul and the skin, but we must remember to protect our skin and to never neglect our skincare routine, even when on vacation!

Here some tips to remember:

• Protect your skin from the sun. When outside, wear sunscreen , sunglasses and a wide brim hat, that not only looks fabulous but also protects your skin. Is also good to choose light makeup with solar protection. Zao Organic BB Cream is a perfect choice for the Summer!

• Maintain a high level of hydration with a lighter moisturizer. Zao Organic Moisturizer is highly moisturizing, feels light on the skin and is easily absorbed. It is rich in nourishing ingredients like Shea butter, Clary Sage, Coconut, Almond, Jojoba & Olive oil. Almond and Coconut oil provide natural sun protection, Almond oil has a natural SPF 5 and Coconut oil between 4-6!

• Drink more water! Higher temperatures increase chances of getting dehydrated, even a mild dehydration have negative effects on your skin and your body.

• Even if you are not wearing much makeup, don’t forget to remove impurities and cleanse your skin. Zao Organic Two Step Cleansing Set, will give your skin a thorough cleanse, while being gentle and providing nutrients.

• Eat more fruit and veggies, they will help you stay hydrated, make your skin look good and feel great!

Healthy skin, happy Summer!

New! Intense Matte Lipstick!


We are happy to introduce the latest addition to our lip collection,
Soft Touch Lip Color Intense Matte Lipstick!
With the high fashion look you all love and the ecological excellence that only ZaoOrganicMakeup can make possible.
In a neutral shade suitable for all skin tones with shea butter and  mediterranean Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil that rapidly penetrates the outer layers of the epidermis, deeply nourishing the skin, while providing a smooth, soft layer of protection against dehydration.
Always ChemicalFree without harmful Paragons, Phthalates  or Nanoparticles. Always natural with the beautiful, sustainable and conveniently  refillable packaging.

Soft touch Kisses for all of you makeup lovers!


Winners of Natural Solution’s 2015 Beauty With A Conscience Awards

Exciting news! For the second year in a row, ZAO Organic Makeup has been chosen as a winner of Natural Solutions Magazine‘s 7th Annual BEAUTY with a CONSCIENCE Awards, in TWO categories!NS_BWAC_2015

Here’s a special inside look at our Organic Concealer & Eye/Lip/Eyebrow Pencils featured on Page 17 in their Dec/Jan ’16 issue

BWAC award page copy20160127_101606~2 copy

Live with a clear conscience –– choose sustainable, cruelty-free, clean cosmetics like ZAO Organic Makeup!

ZAO Organic Makeup Winter Promotions

Hello beauties! Today marks the first day of Winter, so we decided to share the magic of the season and celebrate with some fun festivities!

Until December 31st, we’re offering 35% OFF all orders with code SHARE35. Just head on over to, enter the code at checkout, and get into the Holiday cheer!

ReThinK - ZAO December Campaign (Social Media POST)

We’re also hosting a great giveaway on our Instagram page, @ZAOorganicmakeup!

Winter Giveaway - SM copy

Want to win a free ZAO Organic Winter Eyeshadow Palette?
Click here and follow the instructions.

Contest ends December 31st at 11 PM PT. We’ll announce the winner on January 1st! Good luck!

Silver Hair, Don’t Care

Found a gray hair already? Good news — you’re never too young to go gray! The #GrannyHair Gray Hair Trend is ‘IN’ this summer season, making waves with some shimmering silver linings. Men and women of all ages across the world are boldly embracing this edgy trend — but it’s not just another trend — it’s a celebration of life, and a statement that beauty is ageless!
Some of the stars like P!nk have
gone gray, as well as Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. Several mature actors and actresses like Helen Miren, Emmylou Harris, and Jamie Lee Curtis have been spotted with this stunning silver hairdo too. But you needn’t be a celeb to try out the trend! If you’re thinking about experimenting with the look, make sure to remember that using your skin tone to find the right sh
ade of gray is key. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, layer in some hints of lilac or blue! When you do find those perfect silver tones, you may need to change your makeup palette too, which is why we’ve shared some makeup ideas below.

Which one of the 50 shades are you?
Want to complete the look? You’ll be ‘ZAOed’ by our products…

You can use these combinations of ZAO’s Organic Eyeshadows to create a brown or smoky blue color palette to match your silver hair.

Eyeshadow Palettes Silver Hair copy

Define your eyes with our smooth and smudge-proof black Organic Pencil Eyeliner or Organic Liquid Eyeliner.  CBXHFhlU0AAcqK8
ZAO Liquid Liner copy

Then, add a splash of ZAO Organic Lipstick to complement those gorgeous glimmering eyes.

ZAO Lipsticks Bora copy

ZAO Lipstick copy

Enhance your silvery complexion and turn heads wherever you go by adding these amazing organic ZAO products to your daily routine. Get them all at


Wise Words From The Wild World Of Fashion & Beauty

We are ZAOed (pronounced zowed – our version of wowed) and excited to recognize that the world is waking up –– not only to the true importance of natural health and beauty, but to just how fun and fashionable it is. Let us guide you along an organic and sustainable path to awaken your natural radiance.

ReThinK - ZAO Organic Makeup  Products PNGWelcome to our first post and your prime organic resource for the hottest Trends and Tips in the world of beauty, based on healthy and sustainable lifestyles! We are your ‘go-to’ beauty haven, enriching your daily routine with insider info, as well as fun and educational posts that connect what’s hip and happening to the timelessness of beauty.

The definition of fashion evolves as frequently as we change our clothes. Trends will come and go, but healthy habits that nourish the mind, body, and soul should become part of the fabric of your life. These threads will keep you both in-style and beautiful every day.

ReThinK - ZAO Makeup Ingredients Banner web

Are YOU ready to be ZAOed?!
Did you know… your skin absorbs about 60% of what you put on it?! So wouldn’t you want to give your body ingredients you know are healthy and safe?

If so, then your first beauty tip is ZAO itself!

ZAO Organic Makeup is not designed to just enhance features or hide imperfections — our makeup is also food for your skin! ZAO has antioxidants with oils of Pomegranate, Babassu, and Wheat Germ, as well as Red Algae, Gingko Biloba, and Yerba Mate extract. It is rich in essential fatty acids with Shea butter and oils of Coconut, Almond, and Macadamia. Together they nourish, renew, and regenerate your complexion!

It’s the breakthrough women and men from all walks of life have been waiting for… luxury, quality, and performance in a makeup, with only the most natural and organic ingredients!

ZAO is beauty with a conscience –– we feel that looking beautiful should never compromise your health, the health of living creatures, OR the health of the planet. We use ingredients so pure they are certified by the most prestigious organizations in the world, such as Ecocert, CosmeBio, Cruelty-Free International, and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Contributing towards the conservation of our environment, our innovative refill system is also a pledge to this philosophy. Not to mention, all our products are completely gluten-free, and vegan (except for concealers and lip balms)!

Developed by a passionate team dedicated to conscious living, ZAO has become more than just a makeup brand, it’s a lifestyle! We aim to inspire others to live more mindfully, and consider that every action you take is either for or against preserving our planet’s natural beauty and resources. We believe in taking an ethical approach to working in harmony with nature, which is why we pride ourselves on manufacturing sustainably-crafted products that leave a low carbon footprint with NO animal testing.

Learn more about ZAO’s origins here.

We’ve got some hot tips and topics coming up in the next few weeks, so please come back and visit us often!

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