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Is your skin stressed?

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and it can show signs of stress in different ways, such as acne, psoriasis and eczema, or dermatitis. Our skin can’t tell the difference between different types of stress, physical, emotional, psychological and environmental.

Just as the rest of your body, the longer your skin endure stress, the more it takes a toll on it. Stress can trigger internal inflammations and imbalances that reflect on our skin.

Stress can slow down digestion. The longer the stress lasts, the more its effect on your digestion. These effects can disrupt the bacteria in your gut. An imbalance on your
gut bacteria, can cause internal inflammation that can show on your skin as flare-ups of acne, eczema or psoriasis.

When you are under stress, your body can also react by experiencing abrupt increase of adrenaline and cortisol, this can cause your skin to experience it to become very dry or excessively oily. Stress hormones can get triggered, also causing acne and eczema, or making existing conditions to worsen.

Take care of your body and your skin. Take time to relax, keep a well balanced diet and maintain a healthy skincare routine. Avoid skincare products with hormonal disruptors and toxic ingredients that can worsen the effects of stress on your skin.

Love your skin, love yourself!

Self care doesn’t mean self indulgence, It’s about giving your mind, body, and spirit what they need in order to thrive. Choose to take action to maintain good health inside and outside, because what you put in your body, how you treat your skin, your eating habits and your outlook to life, all have an effect in your overall health. Improving your self image, and quality of life will open the door to a more joyful life, with happiness and confidence.

To help you maintain a healthy body, healthy skin and healthy mind:

• Practice good sleep

• Eat well, replenish and hydrate

• Meditate or pray

• Spend time in nature

• Take a break from electronics and social media

• Exercise at least three times a week

• Choose organic foods 

• Use chemical free cleaning products to avoid carcinogens, hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, skin and respiratory irritants

• Use toxic free personal care and beauty products, mainstream products like  deodorants, toothpaste, perfumes,  makeup and skincare products are also filled with carcinogens synthetic preservatives, dyes, allergens and other harmful ingredients.   

Create a safe and healthy environment, enjoy, care, love yourself and live better!

Healthy Makeup

Mainstream cosmetics are poorly regulated and filled with toxic chemicals that include carcinogens and hormonal disruptors. Those ingredients have been directly linked to cancer and the interference with cancer treatments.

The average woman uses 12 personal care and beauty products a day. From all of those products, 515 Toxic chemicals go on the skin, absorbed and into the bloodstream every day! And it only takes 26 seconds for your skin to absorb what you apply on it.

One of the most commonly used beauty product are lipsticks and lipglosses. With regular use of lipstick, you could be ingesting as much as 87 milligrams of product per day.

Knowledge is power, detox your beauty, stay away from harmful chemicals aging your skin and jeopardizing your health. Make sure all your personal and beauty products are free from toxic ingredients!

Zao Organic Makeup is compromised with your health and the health of our planet. Zao products are 100% natural, free of harmful ingredients, synthetic dyes or preservatives. All Zao products are moisturizing and nourishing, enriched with the best quality ingredients from organic farming.

With our planet in mind Zao production practices follow high production standards by selecting organic and fair-trade ingredients . Zao also minimizes its carbon footprint by minimizing the use of plastic material and by the use of refillable bamboo packaging.

Use Zao Organic Makeup with confidence, true skincare makeup that is clean, safe and maintains the quality and performance you want from your makeup.

apply your products in the right order

Receive the best performance and benefits from your products by applying them in the correct order. The correct layering of your products will help improve effectiveness, and will keep your skin hydrated and less prone to breakouts.

A good cleansing routine is the right start. A gentle but thorough cleansing is important to maintain skin suppleness & to not strip away your skin’s natural oils.
Zao Organic Makeup Remover Oil and Foam Cleanser will remove impurities and all makeup residue. They are both, powerful and gentle cleansers, that protect and nourish your skin.
Made with all natural ingredients, including silica from the bamboo plant to maintain elasticity and hydration, and aloe vera providing its soothing regenerating properties.

While your skin is damp, add a layer of moisturizer. It will not only enhance the appearance of your skin but it will help your makeup last longer. Zao Organic Moisturizer is rich in emollient natural ingredients to soothe, nourish and revitalize your skin! Is infused with organic Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and Clary Sage.

After moisturizing, Zao Organic Primer can help maintaining a stable and long lasting makeup throughout the day, while adding radiance & well balanced soothing moisture to your skin. It has the benefits organic Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Bamboo Hydrosol, and Clary Sage.

After conditioning and prepping your skin, depending on the day and the occasion, you can choose between Zao Organic BB Cream for a lighter coverage, or for more coverage any Zao Foundation in cream, liquid or powder. You can also layer these to attain the texture or coverage of your preference, just remember to apply liquid first, then cream & leave the powder for the last layer.

After your foundation, is time to set it with powder. Zao Compact Powder gives you a long lasting silky matte finish and all the skincare benefits of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Macadamia Oil and olive oil.

Now you can add a bit of contour with Zao Organic Bronzer. Moisturizing, antioxidant & nourishing, Zao bronzers are free from toxic ingredients that jeopardize your health and age your skin.
Infused with organically farmed ingredients, Ginko Biloba, Siberian Ginseng, Yerba Maté Leaf Extract, and Shea Butter.


After bronzing, enhance the apple of your cheeks with a little blush. Choose the color most similar to the natural color you get on your cheeks, right after working out. Zao Organic Blush, is made with organically farmed ingredients and natural pigments. Created with Ginko Biloba, Siberian Ginseng, Yerba Maté Leaf Extract, and Shea Butter.

Highlight where the light hits your face, upper area of the apple of your cheeks, the top of the bow of your lips, the tip of your nose , the bone area right under the outer corner of your eyebrows. Zao Organic Highlighter gives you a beautiful natural looking glow. It has the benefits of Flax Seed Oil, Ginger Root Extract.

Complete your look applying with your favorite lipstick, or lip gloss and mascara! All Zao lip products are 100% natural, with long-lasting plant based pigments and free of harmful ingredients. They are also highly moisturizing , nourishing and refillable. Zao Organic Mascaras will intensify your eyelashes, with the powerful benefits of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Bamboo Leaf Extract.
Soothing and nourishing, sustainable, refillable, with all natural organic ingredients.



Do your part

It is up to us to help the conservation of our planet, and there are simple steps we can all take to really help and do our part:

Wait to do full loads of laundry instead of small ones. It helps reduce water consumption and saves energy.

Use reusable water bottles, reduce your plastic use.

Turn off and unplug lights and devices when they are not in use. Save energy!

Carry cloth bags everywhere you go. Skip the plastic bags, they end up in landfills polluting our environment.

Use rechargeable batteries. Save money in the lung run & reduce landfill waste at the same time.

Purchase refillable products. Many brands like Zao, give you the opportunity of eco-friendly packagings that help conserve our ecosystem and also save money. After you purchase the initial full packaging of the product, the refills have a lower cost.

Zao Organic Makeup is conscious beauty! Made with organically farmed ingredients of the best quality and performance, encased in a sustainable and refillable bamboo packaging. Good for your skin and the environment!

NeW Organic BB Cream!

Lightweight , toxic-free and with solar protection!

The new Zao Organic BB Cream has a wonderful plant based formulation that brightens up your complexion with a light coverage and SPF15 protection.
It also gives you the anti-aging benefits of organic bamboo silica, and the moisturizing properties of micro-algae extract rich in boosting amino acids. As BB Cream, is lighter than a foundation but heavier than a tinted moisturizers, this makes it perfect for daily use!

Summer Essentials

The perfect match for a glowing healthy skin and a covetable complexion!

New Zao Organic Highlighter Duo, illuminates your skin with the perfect glimmer of ping and golden highlights. Apply individually or blend both for an even better brightening effect, highlight your cheekbones or contour your lips for a gorgeous makeup look. It has all the hydrating benefits of organic silica, the essential vitamins and minerals from flax seed, antioxidant properties of olive oil and the magnifying effect or rice powder.

The new Zao Organic Bronzer gives your skin a natural soft tanning effect that also illuminates and revives your complexion. Contour and accentuate your best assets with this vegan, toxic-free, cruelty-free and 100% natural, marvelous bronzer. It has the holding power of corn starch, the highly moisturizing properties of castor oil and the wonderful anti-aging benefits of bamboo powder silica.

Love Yourself

Everyday is a good day to love and celebrate yourself! Here we share some practical guide to self care, and motivation to enjoy a daily positive perspective.

• Start every day with a positive affirmation, remind yourself how special and valuable you are.

• Enjoy who you are! Take a moment to enjoy a quiet moment with yourself, wether is meditating, taking a warm bath or enjoying a cup of tea, take tame to be with your own thoughts and enjoy yourself.

• Avoid negative thoughts, be positive with your thoughts and that them show through your actions. Expressions of kindness and goodwill towards others produce endorphins that enhance happiness.

• Be loving, warm, caring, humane and empathetic to yourself and to others. Share kindness to others without expectation anything in return.

• Remove toxicity from your life, inside and out. Surround yourself with positivity, keep your distance from negative people and filled your house with toxic free products and healthy, organic foods. Take care of your body inside and out.

• Acknowledge your strengths, learn from any mistakes or failures and celebrate your efforts and accomplishments.

• Visualize your days the way you would like them to be, believe in the power of intention, it helps attracting the positive to your life.

• Be grateful, focus your perspective into all the good that surrounds you.

Practicing these motivations and affirmations with frequency, can inspire a lifelong love for yourself and a long-lasting environment of positive energy!