Breast Cancer Awareness

Get inspire and inspire your friends and loved ones
to breast cancer awareness, and the importance of early detection!

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women in the United States.

Screening tests can detect cancer early, when chances for survival are highest, and it can be successfully treated.

Recognizing thins that can help keep you stay aware, keep your risk low:

Schedule regular screening tests.

Learn your family history and talk to your physician about your risk of breast cancer.

Have a clinical breast exam every 3 years starting at age 20.

If you are at average risk, have a yearly mammogram starting at age 40.

Limit hormone use.

Breastfeed, if you are able to.

Make healthy lifestyle choices, maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, limit your alcohol intake and consume good amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Stick to clean, toxic-free makeup, beauty, and personal use products. Most mainstream cosmetics and products of daily use, are filled with components that have been directly linked to breast cancer, and other serious ailments. Read the labels, learn about toxic ingredients, carcinogenic, and hormonal disruptors to avoid, and choose healthily.

For help, resources, and your support to the cause visit

The National Breast Cancer Foundation

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