Refresh Your Look

The way you apply your makeup has the ability to transform your face. Makeup can be used as a tool to refresh your look and even take years off your face. Eyeshadow is one of the most meaningful tools in your makeup bag because it can help express your mood with style and color. To use your eyeshadow as a tool to freshen up your look:

Go for the eyes first! Apply the rest of your makeup after your eyes are done. That way you can cover any eye makeup that may have fallen, without layering too much cover-up that could make you look too done or aged.

Choose good quality eyeshadows that apply smoothly and blend out evenly. This makes a big difference in creating a smoother surface or a patchy blotchy effect, that can enhance imperfections or wrinkles.

The way that you apply your eyeshadow will have the biggest effect on your look, for this is important to make sure you position the color in a way that lifts your eye. When applying, make the outer corner extend in an upward direction. If it goes out straight or down it will create the effect of sleepy or droopy eyes. Is always a good idea to use medical grade tape to guide your application.

Don’t be afraid of color! A vibrant eyeshadow can add vibrancy and personality to your look, and even add to a youthful appearance. Neutral shades can also be great in creating a youthful look, soft coral tones can add warmth and brightness to your eyes!

Play with eyeshadows, follow your mood, be confident, and show your personality!

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