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Whats your Self Care Ritual!?

A little indulgence? Yoga? Quiet time? A good book?  Meditation!?

Its important to have a special time for some self love! Get inspired with Think Dirty’s  Clean Beauty leaders!tumblr_inline_olbsw4SGV71urnv0l_500

Gretta’s 3 Rituals:

1. Make a prayer and think in all good things I have in my surroundings and being grateful for being in that moment wherever I am.
2. Meditate in what I can improve instead of criticize others in what they do need to improve so that I can grow as a person.
3. Look myself in the mirror very closely and see if I am really taking the time for myself spiritually, physically and mentally. I love to feel and look the best I can, using all natural resources that now are around us.

And that’s a wrap on our Top 3 Rituals For Self-Love Answered by Our Favorite Founders series! We hope you feel a little more inspired to indulge in yourself today.