New Arrivals!

Zao brings you the latest in organic beauty!

A marvelous lip scrub that gently exfoliates the delicate skin of your lips, preparing them for a perfect & long-lasting application of your favorite Zao lipstick! It is regenerating and highly moisturizing, 100% natural, vegan & organic. With the powerful  benefits of jojoba & castor oil, bamboo rhizome & apricot extract and rice powder.

For your eyes, Zao brings you the wonderful felt tip eyeliner! Flawless coverage, control, precision and long lasting wear. It is suited for even the most sensitive eyes. It gives you all the nourishing and regenerating benefits of bamboo leaf extract, aloe vera & shea butter. All natural, organic & vegan.


Why Use Organic Makeup?

Ingredients in mainstream cosmetics have been identified as  carcinogenic, hormonal disruptors that can cause infertility, highly allergenic, and overall  highly toxic ingredients. These hazardous ingredients are not only harm us by being applied on our skins but are also harmful pollutants to our ecosystem.

As consumers it is important to educate ourselves on the ingredients in our products and also on the sustainability of the ingredients.

The FDA has very little control over the beauty and  cosmetics industry. By learning about ingredients, and choosing products that contain only natural and safe  ingredients we hold the power to our health , the welfare of the environment. As educated consumers we can pressure  to eliminate toxic cosmetics from the market by avoiding them.

Most mainstream cosmetics contain harmful chemicals and lack nutrients that natural, organic beauty products provide. And yes, organic products might not be as dirt cheap as mass produced supermarket brands but nowadays the awareness and demand for clean beauty products is higher, making it affordable and price-wise  competitive with department store brands. When it comes to your skin and what you apply on it, do just like with the food you eat, choose the nourishing kind and always avoid junk food!