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Silver Hair, Don’t Care

Found a gray hair already? Good news — you’re never too young to go gray! The #GrannyHair Gray Hair Trend is ‘IN’ this summer season, making waves with some shimmering silver linings. Men and women of all ages across the world are boldly embracing this edgy trend — but it’s not just another trend — it’s a celebration of life, and a statement that beauty is ageless!
Some of the stars like P!nk have
gone gray, as well as Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. Several mature actors and actresses like Helen Miren, Emmylou Harris, and Jamie Lee Curtis have been spotted with this stunning silver hairdo too. But you needn’t be a celeb to try out the trend! If you’re thinking about experimenting with the look, make sure to remember that using your skin tone to find the right sh
ade of gray is key. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, layer in some hints of lilac or blue! When you do find those perfect silver tones, you may need to change your makeup palette too, which is why we’ve shared some makeup ideas below.

Which one of the 50 shades are you?
Want to complete the look? You’ll be ‘ZAOed’ by our products…

You can use these combinations of ZAO’s Organic Eyeshadows to create a brown or smoky blue color palette to match your silver hair.

Eyeshadow Palettes Silver Hair copy

Define your eyes with our smooth and smudge-proof black Organic Pencil Eyeliner or Organic Liquid Eyeliner.  CBXHFhlU0AAcqK8
ZAO Liquid Liner copy

Then, add a splash of ZAO Organic Lipstick to complement those gorgeous glimmering eyes.

ZAO Lipsticks Bora copy

ZAO Lipstick copy

Enhance your silvery complexion and turn heads wherever you go by adding these amazing organic ZAO products to your daily routine. Get them all at www.ZAOorganicmakeup.com