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Retailer Inquiry

Do you carry ZAO Organic  Makeup Products in your store?

If so, thank you for offering ZAO Organic  Makeup for the consumer beauty market.

Are you interested in selling ZAO Organic  Makeup Products in North America?

Our parameters for sales:

Retailers: have a physical storefront that sells to end consumers.

E-tailers: own a website(s) that sells multiple products to end consumers.

Distributors: warehouse and sell to stores who sell to end consumers.

We are actively pursuing, retailers and e-tailers throughout North America. We would like to speak to you about the ZAO opportunity.

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A ZAO Representative will be in touch soon after receiving your email.

Thank you for your interest in ZAO Organic  Makeup.

Organically Beautiful,

   Gretta Perez Licea


ZAO Organic Makeup North America

 *The use of the term "organic" is in comply except in the state of California which has a unique definition according to COPA under which, these products differ from their organic percentage calculation for cosmetics private standards.