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Zao Organic Makeup Liquid Eyeliner!lnThis liquid eyeliner is powerful enough to last all day and delicate enough to be suitable for sensitive eyes!

Made with 100% Natural ingredients.    unnamedYou can read more about Glowing Beets and                                                          ZaoOrganicMakeup Liquid Eyeliner latests reviews at                                                          and  GurlGoneGreen.comDSC5894hydrosol

Toxic-Free Lips, Healthy Kisses!

BLG1When it comes to cosmetics there is little or no information from brands, manufacturers or government aid for proper regulations of toxic chemicals in makeup.

Both Canada and the European Union regulate allowable levels of heavy metals in cosmetics. The EU has banned the presence of cadmium, chromium and lead altogether in cosmetics. The Canadian government has set limits for the content of antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury and lead in cosmetics. They’re still trying to determine what levels are avoidable in the manufacturing process. That’s because many studies have found that government limits for heavy metals are much higher than what can be avoided in manufacture.
Canada’s Environmental Defense organization found that the highest levels of arsenic, cadmium and lead are found in lipsticks and lip glosses.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US does not regulate heavy metal content in cosmetics.

The FDA itself doesn’t even test the dozens of dyes used in cosmetics or set the maximum amounts of metals in them; it outsourced that job years ago to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, an organization established in 1976 by a cosmetics-industry-aligned trade and lobbying group. Over the years, the US has banned 22 chemicals outright. For comparison, the EU currently bans more than 1,300 chemicals.

While the FDA does limit lead in certain color additives used in cosmetics, it doesn’t set limits on lead in final products.  This is troubling because heavy metals accumulate in the body over time. Low amounts can add up to big effects!

Never let your children play with makeup, Berkeley researchers say that “No level of lead exposure appears to be ‘safe’ and even the current ‘low’ levels of exposure in children are associated with neurodevelopmental deficits.”
While children are more susceptible to lead than adults, both can suffer from lead poisoning as it accumulates over time. Lead accumulation can affect the central nervous system, immune system and the kidneys. Its symptoms vary so widely that they are easily misdiagnosed. In adults, lead poisoning can show up as fatigue, irritability and sleeplessness, reproductive problems, joint, muscle and headaches, poor appetite, nervousness or constipation.


Lipstick and glosses are often ingested over the course of the day so the impact of any toxin is heightened above and beyond skin absorption levels. According to prior research, Berkeley scientists estimated average lipstick use as twice-a-day applications and heavy use as applying lip gloss or lipstick 10 times a day.
One application spreads 10 milligrams of product across a woman’s lips, most of which is ingested. Average use of lipstick means that a woman ingests about 24 milligrams of product. Women that apply lipstick or lip gloss frequently may be ingesting as much as 87 milligrams of product per day.
The researchers compared what the women were likely ingesting in lip products to health standards for heavy metal consumption like those defined by the EPA for drinking water. They found that average lipstick or lip gloss use in these products resulted in women exceeding daily intake guidelines for aluminum, cadmium, chromium and manganese. In 10 of the products they looked at, daily use meant that a woman would exceed chromium intake recommendations by 100 percent.

Think and choose well when it comes to you red lipstick, one of the metals contained in some lipsticks and most red ones, is Cadmium, which is found in breast cancer tissue and has been found to help cancer cells multiply.
You can

Zao Organic Makeup Lipsticks are 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan, refillable, sustainable, free of lead, cadmium and other common toxic ingredients in makeup.

Keep your, skin, lips & those you kiss free of toxic chemicals!


The Beauty Of Ecological Skincare & Bamboo

Bamboo is elegant, modern with many benefits inside and out!

All trees store carbon, but the exceptional speed of growth of bamboo makes it a carbon capture champion throughout its life cycle. As a carbon storage material, it allows ZAO to a very satisfying carbon footprint, in other words: ecological sophistication.
We are depleting the natural resources of our sole home at a rate that is well past sustainable. Overpopulation, Global Warming and Deforestation should be enough motivation to make necessary changes in our lives.
With much optimism Zao Organic Makeup is making positive changes not only in our beauty, skincare routines but in our living habits with the use of Bamboo!

Bamboo Organic Silica
The human body contains about seven grams of silica, far more than any other mineral including iron (and silica is the second component of the earth’s crust with a 28% share after oxygen with 47%).
An essential quality of silica is that it allows the body to efficiently absorb and assimilate minerals and vitamins. The connective tissue of the human body (cell wall) is composed of collagen and elastin. These molecules need silica, which, however, is no longer synthesized from an age of about twenty.
An external supply is needed especially for the skin. For this reason,
Most of the products in the ZAO range contain organic silica from
-micronized bamboo stem powder
-organic bamboo leaves hydrosol and
-organic bamboo rhizome oil

Bamboo Stem Powder is a white substance extracted from the bamboo seams, mainly made of organic silica. It was often used in Oriental medicine. Organic silica, constituent of conjunctive tissue, is already present in the entire human body. It regenerates the epidermis by participating to the collagen and elastin synthesis. Over time, our silica capital gets lower which leads to elasticity loss and skin demineralization. It is therefore necessary to regularly replenish the skin. For this reason, organic silica is present in most of ZAO products.

The Organic Bamboo Hydrosol comes from the distillation of bamboo leaves, mainly made of organic silica. It was often used in Oriental medicine. Organic silica, constituent of conjunctive tissue, is already present in the entire human body. It regenerates the epidermis by participating to the collagen and elastin synthesis. Over time, our silica capital gets lower which leads to elasticity loss and skin demineralization. It is therefore necessary to regularly replenish the skin. For this reason, organic silica is present in most of ZAO products.

The Organic bamboo Rhizome Oil. As well as the bamboo powder and the organic bamboo hydrolate, this ingredient is extremely rich in organic silica. An external intake is necessary in order to maintain our tissues and skin elasticity. The benefit of the macerate is the ability to go deeper into the skin.

bbpRenewable Resource

We believe an organic certified make-up range is expected to used natural eco friendly packaging and Zao Organic Makeup have chosen bamboo for the refined and modern touch and outstanding sustainable capacity!
This lets ZAO products show decent carbon balance. An ecological refinement!

Every tree can store carbon but the speed of growth of bamboo is astonishing.
This makes bamboo the champion of carbon capture during its life cycle.
Bamboo can be harvested in one to five years. Hardwoods like oak take at least forty years to mature before they can be harvested.
Almost 1 million acres of forests are lost each week worldwide to deforestation. Bamboo’s versatility as a substitute for hardwoods offers the chance to drastically reduce deforestation and protect the forests that we have left.

Did you know that product packaging makes up almost 45% of the trash found in landfills?
many makeup containers are made from less common recyclable plastics and many types of these plastics aren’t labeled with a resin number, making it more difficult for recycling. Here as in most countries, make-up products are too small to be recognized by recycling equipments.

Zao is not only lowering its carbon footprint by selecting bamboo as packaging material but thanks to a simple and innovative refillable system for almost all our products, Zao makeup is even more eco-friendly & sustainable.
The refill system also reduce costs and packaging. On first purchase, consumer chooses a bamboo item with makeup inside, on second purchase, one just has to buy the refill. The bamboo products also come in a classy cotton pouch, making them even more sustainable and durable.
By choosing Zao as your makeup, you are lowering your cosmetic packaging waste at the same time you get the best beautifying care for your skin.

This amazing plant has much to offer,
with many benefits to help save the planet!

•Bamboo absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent stand of hardwood trees.
•It has an amazing grow rate. Some species of bamboo grow more than three feet each day! No plant on the planet features a faster growth rate.

•It creates very little waste. After harvesting, virtually every part of the plant is used to make a wide variety of products. Like Zao utilizes the Bamboo stem powder, Hydrosol & Rhizome oil, every part of the plant can be utilized. So much can be made from bamboo! from building materials to paper , charcoal, makeup & much more!

•t doesn’t need fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides Unlike most cash crops, bamboo requires no agricultural chemicals to thrive. bamboo sequesters nitrogen and cultivation does not add chemicals to the environment.

•It provides soil protection. Once hardwood forests are clear-cut and the stumps are burned to provide fertilizer and space for growing crops, erosion inevitably occurs as the topsoil and nutrients are washed away by rainfall. The eroded soil then clogs rivers and streams and affects the lives of people and animals living downstream. Bamboo roots remain in place after harvesting where they prevent erosion and help retain nutrients for the next crop.

•It grows in a variety of conditions. Bamboo can grow in arid regions where droughts cause other crops to fail and since the roots are left in place after harvesting, it helps to preserve vital moisture in the soil. From low wetlands to higher elevations in the mountains, bamboo thrives in a wide range of climates.

•This amazing plant and its surging popularity in a huge variety of products offers mankind a chance to enjoy many of the comforts of modern life without causing irreparable damage to our environment.bam

Healthy Beauty!


Nowadays we pay close attention to what we eat, and try to consume foods that are organic and free of pesticides . 

We also do juicing and doing healthy smoothies to feel healthier and energized. It is true that what we get in our body will reflect on the outside but most people are not aware of the great amount of toxic ingredients in daily use products and cosmetics we rub on our skin!


The skin is our biggest organ and we should take good care of it. Most well known and common beauty products and cosmetics contain a scary number dangerous chemicals, you’ll be surprised!

There are 26 chemicals on your average eyeshadow, 15 in your regular blush, and wait for it … 33 toxic chemicals in your department store well known go to lipstick!!

Our body absorbs 60% of what we put on our skins. If our bodies are in constant absorption of toxic chemicals we are exposed to a high risk for diseases.

HEALTH ISSUES LINKED TO TOXIC CHEMICALS IN THE BODYTOXICCHEMSNow that you’ve been enlightened is time to start detoxing your beauty routine.

To begin the process, read the labels, choose unscented products or if they have scent, make sure is hypoallergenic and comes from a natural source.  Avoid Parabens, Synthetic Preservatives, Sulfates, Silicones, Petroleum,  Polyunsaturated oils and Aluminum.

With ZAO Organic Makeup you can feel safe, your skin and your body will thank you for choosing the best 100% Natural  and organic ingredients!

Our products are non toxic, chemical free, cruelty free, gluten free and mostly vegan (few products contain organic beeswax).              ZAO Organic Makeup is certified by the most prestigious worldwide agencies.

 Also, we get extra points for our luxurious bamboo packaging which is sustainable and our refillable system  makes us eco-friendly! We feel the love from every single one of our avid fan and if you are just discovering ZAO Organic Makeup, we are pretty sure you and your skin will get to love us too!