Healthy Beauty!


Nowadays we pay close attention to what we eat, and try to consume foods that are organic and free of pesticides . 

We also do juicing and doing healthy smoothies to feel healthier and energized. It is true that what we get in our body will reflect on the outside but most people are not aware of the great amount of toxic ingredients in daily use products and cosmetics we rub on our skin!


The skin is our biggest organ and we should take good care of it. Most well known and common beauty products and cosmetics contain a scary number dangerous chemicals, you’ll be surprised!

There are 26 chemicals on your average eyeshadow, 15 in your regular blush, and wait for it … 33 toxic chemicals in your department store well known go to lipstick!!

Our body absorbs 60% of what we put on our skins. If our bodies are in constant absorption of toxic chemicals we are exposed to a high risk for diseases.

HEALTH ISSUES LINKED TO TOXIC CHEMICALS IN THE BODYTOXICCHEMSNow that you’ve been enlightened is time to start detoxing your beauty routine.

To begin the process, read the labels, choose unscented products or if they have scent, make sure is hypoallergenic and comes from a natural source.  Avoid Parabens, Synthetic Preservatives, Sulfates, Silicones, Petroleum,  Polyunsaturated oils and Aluminum.

With ZAO Organic Makeup you can feel safe, your skin and your body will thank you for choosing the best 100% Natural  and organic ingredients!

Our products are non toxic, chemical free, cruelty free, gluten free and mostly vegan (few products contain organic beeswax).              ZAO Organic Makeup is certified by the most prestigious worldwide agencies.

 Also, we get extra points for our luxurious bamboo packaging which is sustainable and our refillable system  makes us eco-friendly! We feel the love from every single one of our avid fan and if you are just discovering ZAO Organic Makeup, we are pretty sure you and your skin will get to love us too!

Winners of Natural Solution’s 2015 Beauty With A Conscience Awards

Exciting news! For the second year in a row, ZAO Organic Makeup has been chosen as a winner of Natural Solutions Magazine‘s 7th Annual BEAUTY with a CONSCIENCE Awards, in TWO categories!NS_BWAC_2015

Here’s a special inside look at our Organic Concealer & Eye/Lip/Eyebrow Pencils featured on Page 17 in their Dec/Jan ’16 issue

BWAC award page copy20160127_101606~2 copy

Live with a clear conscience –– choose sustainable, cruelty-free, clean cosmetics like ZAO Organic Makeup!

ZAO Organic Makeup in CocoEco Magazine – Fall/Winter 2015

We are thrilled to be included in the latest issue (Fall/Winter 2015) of Coco Eco Magazine, sold at most Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

Look for us and a special discount code on page 51!


ZAO Organic Makeup Winter Promotions

Hello beauties! Today marks the first day of Winter, so we decided to share the magic of the season and celebrate with some fun festivities!

Until December 31st, we’re offering 35% OFF all orders with code SHARE35. Just head on over to, enter the code at checkout, and get into the Holiday cheer!

ReThinK - ZAO December Campaign (Social Media POST)

We’re also hosting a great giveaway on our Instagram page, @ZAOorganicmakeup!

Winter Giveaway - SM copy

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Contest ends December 31st at 11 PM PT. We’ll announce the winner on January 1st! Good luck!

Silver Hair, Don’t Care

Found a gray hair already? Good news — you’re never too young to go gray! The #GrannyHair Gray Hair Trend is ‘IN’ this summer season, making waves with some shimmering silver linings. Men and women of all ages across the world are boldly embracing this edgy trend — but it’s not just another trend — it’s a celebration of life, and a statement that beauty is ageless!
Some of the stars like P!nk have
gone gray, as well as Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. Several mature actors and actresses like Helen Miren, Emmylou Harris, and Jamie Lee Curtis have been spotted with this stunning silver hairdo too. But you needn’t be a celeb to try out the trend! If you’re thinking about experimenting with the look, make sure to remember that using your skin tone to find the right sh
ade of gray is key. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, layer in some hints of lilac or blue! When you do find those perfect silver tones, you may need to change your makeup palette too, which is why we’ve shared some makeup ideas below.

Which one of the 50 shades are you?
Want to complete the look? You’ll be ‘ZAOed’ by our products…

You can use these combinations of ZAO’s Organic Eyeshadows to create a brown or smoky blue color palette to match your silver hair.

Eyeshadow Palettes Silver Hair copy

Define your eyes with our smooth and smudge-proof black Organic Pencil Eyeliner or Organic Liquid Eyeliner.  CBXHFhlU0AAcqK8
ZAO Liquid Liner copy

Then, add a splash of ZAO Organic Lipstick to complement those gorgeous glimmering eyes.

ZAO Lipsticks Bora copy

ZAO Lipstick copy

Enhance your silvery complexion and turn heads wherever you go by adding these amazing organic ZAO products to your daily routine. Get them all at