Back To School Essentials

Give your skin the perfect boost of radiance, right in time for back to school!

Add the necessary hydration  For radiant glowing skin 

Have in hand the perfect pick me up to conceal tiredness, redness or just to brighten up your glowy skin

Define your eyelashes! That’s all your eyes need for natural daytime look.

Complete your back to school look with the perfect your-lips-but-better nude lipstick and the right amount of highlighter to illuminate your face!

Never go to bed without a good cleansing routine! Remove impurities & all makeup residue with Zao two step makeup remover oil & cleansing foam.

It’s All About The Glow!

This Summer it’s all about the gold, the sheer, glitz and glow!

Capture The light, highlight your cheekbones, the inner corners of your eyes, the tip of your nose and the bow of your lips for a dewy, youthful glow!


The soft shimmer of Zao formulas,  mimics  your skin texture to give you a natural, illuminated look!Illuminate your beauty and get Summer ready!

Our organic Luxe palette brings all the sheer you need.

It includes a blush,  lipstick, golden & silver eyeshadows and a black eyeshadow that doubles as eyeliner when wet!
This palette not only gives you the tools to glow, but it  is also refillable!

Two Step Cleansing!

A good cleansing routine prepares your skin for its natural regenerating process. With a meticulous cleanse you give your skin additional anti-aging benefits and the bases to a better skin health.

Zao Oil Makeup Remover is gentle yet powerful, with natural ingredients that remove makeup, dirt and pollutants while nourishing and balancing necessary natural oils.


When your skin is deprived from natural oils add over-dried with harsh cleansers, it  triggers the skin to producing more oil than needed. This over compensation of oil could provoke acne.

Following with Zao Cleansing Foam,  you complete the cleansing process, eliminating any micro-particles or debris left, keeping your pores from getting clogged . It hydrates, tones and restores your skin.

Well cleansed and nourished skin, will allow a better absorption and effectiveness of your moisturizer,  serums or favorite treatments.


Organic Foundation

Treat your skin with the power of nature!
ZaoOrganicMakeup gives you 36 foundation shades to choose from, in three different options for your preferred finish:                          cream, powder or liquid-silk.
All natural without synthetic dyes or preservatives.
They are all deeply moisturizing, anti-aging, antioxidant, non comedogenic, talc-free, with better performance than mainstream cosmetics and with long lasting coverage that you’ll love!

Loose powder foundation has a wonderful quality coverage with a light feel and matte finish. It is non comedogenic and talc-free.
Contains rice powder, organic cocoa butter, bamboo rhizome oil, bamboo stem powder and more healthy goodness for your skin!

Liquid silk foundation gives you moisturizing & delicate freshness. Easy application and natural silky effect with powdery finish. Perfect, seamless coverage. With the benefits of organic sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and  shea butter.

Cream foundation of high performance, outstanding coverage and shine-free velvety powder finish. smooth, easy application, non comedogenic, moisturizing, antioxidant & anti-aging.
With regenerating properties of organic silica, olive, jojoba and bamboo rhizome oil.

All Zao foundations are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Made with  natural safe ingredients to achieve the most healthy luminous skin, seamless, radiant and healthy! 

New Organic Primer

primerIntroducing Zao Organic Primer for flawless skin, smoother & long lasting makeup!
Blur imperfections and make your pores less noticeable with the benefits of 100% natural ingredients.
Hydrolate, macerate and bamboo powder that are rich in silica to enhance the skin health, promoting vitamins, anti-oxidants & essential minerals absorption, with anti-irritant and soothing properties. Also infused with bamboo hydrosol and powder to purify the skin and reduce unwanted oily shine. The active olive squalene softens and protects the skin from dehydration.

A protective, nourishing base that perfects your makeup. Soft to the touch, making your makeup look silky smooth with a lovely matte finish. The Zao primer also allows your makeup  last longer and it  boost the coverage of it. It is the perfect prep tool for a poreless toned complexion that you will find completely necessary!

Available now at ZaoOrganicMakeup with an 15% introductory offer. Take an extra  10% off with code ZAO1



Don’t stay trapped in an all-matte world, add a little sparkle to your makeup routine!

The shimmer and shine of a metallic finish gives great dimension to your face. With  non-toxic ingredients and  anti-aging properties Zao OrganicMakeup gives you  a healthy  sheer with all the benefits of nature.gld
A warm rose gold shade like blush #325,  looks great on all skin tones. Wear it on your lids, cheekbones or on your cupid’s bow for fuller looking lips.
For a smoldering night look mix warm tones and a golden shade like eyeshadow #106 for the ultimate smokey eye.
Play with eyeshadow silver shade #114 or liquid eyeliner #062
 perfect for the inner corners of your eyes or even to frame your winged eyeliner!slvr
Lipstick #406 is ideal for layering over any shade and creating dimension on your lips for a fuller lip illusion.lyr
Zao metallics are fun and versatile, perfect for any season and easy to blend. You can control the intensity, a hint of perfect extra shimmer during the day or intensify the application for a sultry knock-out night look.
Take advantage of the great savings add a little sparkle to your beauty & have shimmering fun!
All bronzers and blushes are 30% off, metallic lipstick refills are only $10 and all sparkly pearly eyeshadows  are on sale too!


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Get Inspired

Whats your Self Care Ritual!?

A little indulgence? Yoga? Quiet time? A good book?  Meditation!?

Its important to have a special time for some self love! Get inspired with Think Dirty’s  Clean Beauty leaders!tumblr_inline_olbsw4SGV71urnv0l_500

Gretta’s 3 Rituals:

1. Make a prayer and think in all good things I have in my surroundings and being grateful for being in that moment wherever I am.
2. Meditate in what I can improve instead of criticize others in what they do need to improve so that I can grow as a person.
3. Look myself in the mirror very closely and see if I am really taking the time for myself spiritually, physically and mentally. I love to feel and look the best I can, using all natural resources that now are around us.

And that’s a wrap on our Top 3 Rituals For Self-Love Answered by Our Favorite Founders series! We hope you feel a little more inspired to indulge in yourself today.