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NeW Organic BB Cream!

Lightweight , toxic-free and with solar protection!

The new Zao Organic BB Cream has a wonderful plant based formulation that brightens up your complexion with a light coverage and SPF15 protection.
It also gives you the anti-aging benefits of organic bamboo silica, and the moisturizing properties of micro-algae extract rich in boosting amino acids. As BB Cream, is lighter than a foundation but heavier than a tinted moisturizers, this makes it perfect for daily use!

Summer Essentials

The perfect match for a glowing healthy skin and a covetable complexion!

New Zao Organic Highlighter Duo, illuminates your skin with the perfect glimmer of ping and golden highlights. Apply individually or blend both for an even better brightening effect, highlight your cheekbones or contour your lips for a gorgeous makeup look. It has all the hydrating benefits of organic silica, the essential vitamins and minerals from flax seed, antioxidant properties of olive oil and the magnifying effect or rice powder.

The new Zao Organic Bronzer gives your skin a natural soft tanning effect that also illuminates and revives your complexion. Contour and accentuate your best assets with this vegan, toxic-free, cruelty-free and 100% natural, marvelous bronzer. It has the holding power of corn starch, the highly moisturizing properties of castor oil and the wonderful anti-aging benefits of bamboo powder silica.

Love Yourself

Everyday is a good day to love and celebrate yourself! Here we share some practical guide to self care, and motivation to enjoy a daily positive perspective.

• Start every day with a positive affirmation, remind yourself how special and valuable you are.

• Enjoy who you are! Take a moment to enjoy a quiet moment with yourself, wether is meditating, taking a warm bath or enjoying a cup of tea, take tame to be with your own thoughts and enjoy yourself.

• Avoid negative thoughts, be positive with your thoughts and that them show through your actions. Expressions of kindness and goodwill towards others produce endorphins that enhance happiness.

• Be loving, warm, caring, humane and empathetic to yourself and to others. Share kindness to others without expectation anything in return.

• Remove toxicity from your life, inside and out. Surround yourself with positivity, keep your distance from negative people and filled your house with toxic free products and healthy, organic foods. Take care of your body inside and out.

• Acknowledge your strengths, learn from any mistakes or failures and celebrate your efforts and accomplishments.

• Visualize your days the way you would like them to be, believe in the power of intention, it helps attracting the positive to your life.

• Be grateful, focus your perspective into all the good that surrounds you.

Practicing these motivations and affirmations with frequency, can inspire a lifelong love for yourself and a long-lasting environment of positive energy!

The secret to better accentuate your eyes!

Compliment the color of your eyes, by choosing eye makeup shades that better accentuates your eye color.

To accentuate green eyes, plums, mauves and purples are the best choice. Zao eyeshadow #118 is a deep jewel purple, perfect to create the most fabulous smokey effect while enhancing green eyes. For a softer look, shade #104 is a light mauve that would look beautiful for day or night. A plum eyeliner like pencil #606 is also a perfect match for green eyes.

To enhance Brown eyes, golden and neutral shades are the best match. A salmon color like Zao eyeshadow #119 or golden shades like #105 & #113 will really accentuate the amber & caramel eyes.

To better compliment blue eyes, warm tones like grays, beiges or chestnuts are the best choice. Zao eyeshadows #110, #208 or #202, will really exalt the blue eye color.

For deep brown and black eyes, the possibilities are endless, these shades are perfect for playful bright colors. Radiant blues like shades #120 or #116, fabulous metallics like silver #114, or a green eyeliner like #604 will really focus the attention on the windows of your soul.

Before applying your selected eyeshadows, don’t forget to start with eye primer, it is an essential element for a long lasting and smooth eye makeup application and wear. Zao eye primer will also enhance the vibrance of your makeup.

It is important to learn which are the complementing hues to your eyes because choosing the wrong colors can make you look dull or washed out. A common mistake is to select eye makeup that equally matches your eye color; to know what best flatters and compliments your eye color is the first step to making your eyes shine.

Enhance Your Best Features!

Instead of hiding and concealing your flaws, lets Your Enhance our best features! 

If you were blessed with flawless skin, moisturize it & make it glow. If your eyes are your best asset, make them the focal point. If you have wonderful lips, lets make them get all the compliments. Let your natural beauty show!

To enhance your fabulous skin, skip the heavy foundation, moisturize and mattify overly shiny spots with a light layer of pressed powder.

ZAO Organic Moisturizer is rich in emollient natural ingredients to soothe, nourish and revitalize your skin. Is Infused with organic Shea butter, Coconut, Almond, Jojoba & olive oil, clary sage & more. It will truly make your skin glow!

 ZAO Organic Pressed Powder, gives you a long lasting silky matte finish and all the skincare benefits of aloe vera, shea & cocoa butter, macadamia and olive oil.  Show your skin natural radiance!

If you love your eyes, make them the focal point and enhance them! ZAO Organic Eye Primer will brighten up your eyes. This neutral cream, is formulated with vitamin E & plant based essential fatty acids for a smooth, nourishing and long lasting eye makeup application.  

Make sure you frame those gorgeous eyes by defining your eyebrows and eyelashes! 
Zao Eyebrow Powder will keep your eyebrows healthy, beautiful and while it helps highlight your eyes. It is enriched with antioxidants and infused with 100% natural ingredients like Apricot & Avocado oil and Shea Butter. You can also use your brow powder as eyeshadow and to fill in your hairline gaps for an instant youthful look!

ZAO Organic Mascara will add definition & volume, intensifying your eyelashes and drawing all attention to your eyes! Your eyelashes will also be protected and well nourished, because ZAO mascaras are infused with the powerful benefits of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & bamboo leaf extract and more all natural, organic ingredients.

If your full lips deserve all the attention, first prepare and moisturize them with ZAO Organic Lip Scrub. This gentle exfoliator is regenerating & nourishing, it also moisturizes and prepares your lips for a perfect application of your favorite Zao lipstick. 
It is completely natural, vegan & organic, with the benefits of jojoba oil, bamboo rhizome & apricot extract & rice powder.

 After preparing your lips with the lip scrub, accentuate them with your favorite ZAO lipstick! ZAO Lipsticks come in three different finishes, Intense Matte, Silky Matte and Pearly-Metallic, they are 100% natural, free of harmful ingredients, moisturizing & nourishing, enriched with cocoa butter, apricot, & jojoba oil and pomegranate extract to give attention worthy lips, soft and healthy all day.

 Accentuate your best features, celebrate your natural beauty! 

Benefits of exfoliating your lips

Lip scrub can offer a great amount of benefits.

Good lip scrubs contain exfoliants and emollients, the emollient adds a hydrating foundation for the smooth application of the product and to add suppleness to your lips. The exfoliant delicately and effectively helps removing dead cells from the surface of your lips.

Zao lip scrub  is a effective exfoliator  that works gently on your lips . It includes several key ingredients of many benefits.

It contains tiny particles of organic rice power to gently remove impurities and  dead skin.

Bamboo rhizome extract will leave your lips really soft because it provides silica,  a key ingredient in collagen creation.

It also contains jojoba oil, rich in vitamin E and B-complex to help in skin repair and damage control.

Apricot extract that is rich in vitamins A nd E, promoting regeneration and delaying the effects of aging.

Castor oil,  is composed of a special fatty acid called ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid is antinflamatiry and antimicrobial and as an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, it enhances softness, promote the growth of healthy skin tissue and it is suitable for sensitive skins.

Carnauba wax is another important ingredient in  Zao lip scrub. Is emollient and hypoallergenic. It provides smooth application and a soft glossy finish. It also improves makeup hold.

Zao Lip scrub keeps your lips hydrated and healthy.  When your lips are dry, the protective or lipid layer that balances your lips moisture, becomes unstable and your lips start getting flaky.  Zao lip scrubs helps removing those uncomfortable flaky bits off your lips while it nourishes and moisturizes them.

The excess of dryness and dead skin causes premature aging, yes, that also applies to your lips!

Zao lip scrub is organic, 100% natural and it is also refillable.

Take care of your lips, keep them healthy and young with a periodical application of Zao lip scrub.

New Arrivals!

Zao brings you the latest in organic beauty!

A marvelous lip scrub that gently exfoliates the delicate skin of your lips, preparing them for a perfect & long-lasting application of your favorite Zao lipstick! It is regenerating and highly moisturizing, 100% natural, vegan & organic. With the powerful  benefits of jojoba & castor oil, bamboo rhizome & apricot extract and rice powder.

For your eyes, Zao brings you the wonderful felt tip eyeliner! Flawless coverage, control, precision and long lasting wear. It is suited for even the most sensitive eyes. It gives you all the nourishing and regenerating benefits of bamboo leaf extract, aloe vera & shea butter. All natural, organic & vegan.


Why Use Organic Makeup?

Ingredients in mainstream cosmetics have been identified as  carcinogenic, hormonal disruptors that can cause infertility, highly allergenic, and overall  highly toxic ingredients. These hazardous ingredients are not only harm us by being applied on our skins but are also harmful pollutants to our ecosystem.

As consumers it is important to educate ourselves on the ingredients in our products and also on the sustainability of the ingredients.

The FDA has very little control over the beauty and  cosmetics industry. By learning about ingredients, and choosing products that contain only natural and safe  ingredients we hold the power to our health , the welfare of the environment. As educated consumers we can pressure  to eliminate toxic cosmetics from the market by avoiding them.

Most mainstream cosmetics contain harmful chemicals and lack nutrients that natural, organic beauty products provide. And yes, organic products might not be as dirt cheap as mass produced supermarket brands but nowadays the awareness and demand for clean beauty products is higher, making it affordable and price-wise  competitive with department store brands. When it comes to your skin and what you apply on it, do just like with the food you eat, choose the nourishing kind and always avoid junk food!