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The Birth of zao in the Americas

Awaken your natural radiance!

Gretta's Story 

A healthy case for the importance of clean, organic ingredients.

As a woman who has always appreciated beauty, I have sought to look my best - enhance my assets and minimize those parts of me I thought needed improvement.  I have always loved makeup, seeing it both as an art and a necessity.

In 2010 my life was turned upside down. I contracted a very serious eye infection called meibomianitis. At first I thought it was just an irritation, but after a few weeks my upper and lower eyelids started continuously producing a yellowish secretion causing me pain and blurry vision, and to make things worst, I started having a horrible acne problem - the likes of which most wouldn't have had in their worst teenage years!

After seeing numerous specialists, they determined that the conditions were caused by chemical ingredients in the makeup I was wearing and had worn through out the years. At that time, I had been using a well-known commercial brand for several years and had no idea the ingredients could be toxic!

It took seven months of treatment for my acne with one of the strongest medications in the market and little over one year with antibiotics, cortisone drops and other medications to control the constant pus secretion from my eyes. I finally began to experience relief but not without other side effects such as depression and a liver condition  from taking strong medications for such a long time. I am glad and thankful to say that, as soon as I was off all medication, these other conditions eventually got better and disappeared.

The doctors warned me that both issues could be recurrent if I didn't start using completely chemical-free and 100% natural makeup. At the time, I had no idea what that meant. All I knew were the many brands advertised on the market from drug stores to high-end department stores. I checked them out exhaustingly, only to find many of the same toxic ingredients. 

I  wanted so much to wear makeup again but the risk just seemed too great. My fabulous husband, Antonio, recognized my despair. (Yes, I am one lucky lady!) As a determined man, he set out to find a solution for my plight. That's when the search  for a truly natural makeup that really worked and was risk-free began. He spent countless hours and a fortune  bringing me all manner of “natural", “mineral” and even “organic” makeups. We even ordered products from different countries with no worthy results. The itching, irritation and/or burning in my eyes and face would start as soon as I applied any type of  product, having to wash it off and stop using it right away so the infection would not come back. In other cases, the makeup was just too heavy or the colors were just plain awful.

Finally he discovered zao however, it was only sold in Europe, South Africa and Australia at the time. We ordered them from France,  used the products for approximately two months and had no reaction -- on the contrary, my face started to clear up even  more from the acne. There was something extremely unique and special about  zao. For me, makeup had always been to enhance, hide and cover. I felt inmediately in love with the way it feels, how long it lasts, how soft it leaves my skin and even how easily it is to wash off.

zao made my skin feel refreshed, renewed and nourished – qualities I never previously looked for in a makeup.

After that, I was eager  to share my hard-earned discovery with women everywhere! It was then when I knew in my soul that this would become the next business for me and my husband. Not only I could now help the many women who were going through something similar, but I could bring a luxurious and premium beauty system to all women, that is safe, organic, performance-based and eco-friendly.

So our new journey has begun, and we are now the proud  Distributors for the exquisite  zao  Organic Makeup line in the United States.

Antonio's Story 

Antonio has run several successful businesses over the years, including three bottle water companies, a residential/commercial remodeling company and a decorative concrete business.

He is an avid thriathete, who enjoys challenges.

Gretta and Antonio have two children and live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in San Antonio, Texas.

Women across the globe rely on zao for their natural beauty - now so can you!

                 Organically yours,
Gretta & Antonio