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INTRODUCING  zao Organic Makeup to North America

Awaken your natural radiance

zao Organic Makeup is an eco-luxury makeup brand made in Italy from 100% natural origins.  We go beyond organic. Our products are certified organic, chemical-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan* and internationally certified by the most prestigious worldwide agencies.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing sustainably crafted products that leave a low carbon footprint - consciously contributing to our planet’s conservation. Long revered as a symbol of longevity, strength, tenacity, and flexibility, bamboo is now a prime resource for sustainable beauty in the zao makeup line. Combining traditional craftsmanship and design, our packaging is made from controlled harvested bamboo, making it stylish, elegant and durable. The powders, leaves and oils extracted from the bamboo, are used in all of our products for their beauty and health enhancing qualities. We have designed an innovative refill system for many of our products to increase our commitment to sustainability as well as the cost-effectiveness we pass on to you!

We are sure, the silky textures, combined with subtle and stunning colors will seduce you. Our makeup performs beautifully, lasting throughout your busy day, while it nourishes, renews and rejuvenates your skin.

*not applicable to pencils, concealers and lipglosses


Vegan Friendly & Organic Makeup for Your Face

Organic Primers & Organic Moisturizers

zao Organic Primers & Moisturizers are made from 100% natural ingredients that act as a true moisturizing and protective day cream makeup.

Organic Concealers

The zao Concealer is the indispensable first step to achieving a perfect complexion and eliminating imperfections. This makeup comes in different shades to suit all skin tones and the stick format allows you to apply the product directly and locally.

Organic Foundations

zao Organic Makeup Foundation allows your face to breath naturally because it's made with natural ingredients.

Organic Blushes

Our vegan friendly blushes help to define your face and give it a healthy natural glow. It is an essential final touch, for both a natural look and a sophisticated makeup effect.

All Natural & Organic Eye Makeup

Organic Eye Shadow

Accentuate your eyes with zao organic eye shadow made from all natural & cruelty free materials. Choose from an array of colors & shades.

Organic Mascara

zao mascara enhances your look for every occasion and is designed to give intense color and volume while providing maximum hydration. zao mascara reduces the risk of redness and irritation to your eyes. It contains high-quality organic & natural makeup ingredients suitable for regular use even for sensitive eyes.

Organic Eye Liner

Eye liner emphasises and intensifies your eyes. Since it's applied close to the eye it is best to use an all natural makeup to avoide redness & irritation. Our eye liner is not only extremely safe but provides the beautiful elegant look you're seeking.

Organic Pencils for Eyes, Lips & Eyebrows

Discover the new range of zao pencils for your eyes, lips and eyebrows. Find intense and deep colors to highlight your eyes and the contour of your lips. Organic certified makeup formulas, respectful of your skin, especially dedicated for sensitive eyes and skin.

All Natural Cosmetics & Organic Lip Makeup

Organic Lipstick

The glamorous, sparkling trend... choose your color to match your outfit and your mood. The pearly, velvety texture offers comfort and a perfect application. Our lipsticks contains precious oils and plant extracts that provide nutrients and moisturizers, leaving your lips soft and smooth.

Organic Lip Gloss

The zao organic line of lip gloss provides that perfect amount of shimmer while maintaining the beautiful elegance of your appearance.

Organic Lip Polish

Lip polish makeup provides a lacquer covering and gloss which gives relief to your smile and makes it gorgeous for a velvety and glamorous effect. Used as a compliment to our organic lipstick it gives volume for a brighter more attractive smile.

Organic Lip Balm

With a soft, melting & smooth texture it's organic, vegan friendly & natural active ingredients intensely moisturize your lips to give them elasticity and a natural shine.

zao is a lifestyle



Winner of Natural Solutions
2014, 2015 Beauty with a Conscience Award

1st place in Ethical Living 2012



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